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Handouts and Materials
10/15/2021 - Online CLE; Christina Sandefur, Executive VP at the Goldwater Institute: on Arizona's Gift Clause and the Schires decision
09/17/2021 - Online CLE; Charles Adornetto, Judicial Education Officer for the Maricopa County Justice Courts: a Limited Jurisdiction Court statutes and rules update. NOON sharp start
08/20/2021 - Online CLE; Jacob Huebert, Goldwater Institute Senior Attorney: "Legal Challenges to Mandatory Bar Associations"
05/21/2021 - Online Panel Discussion CLE, "Practicing Law in a Virtual World", moderated by Michael Kielsky, with panelists Richard Fregin, Monica Donaldson Stewart, Robert Jarvis, Ernest Collins, Jr., and Michelle Riddle
03/19/2021 - Online CLE; Dr. Zaheer A Shah, MD, JD, and Kyle Shelton, of The Dr. Lawyer: "Medical Malpractice in the Covid Era"
02/19/2021 - Online CLE; Judge Gerald Williams, North Valley Justice Court Justice of the Peace: "Residential Evictions in the COVID Era"
01/15/2021 - Online CLE; Leroy Cook: on Misconceptions about Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
11/20/2020 - Online CLE; Attorney James Bache, a Certified Specialist in Trust and Estate Law will provide an Estate Law Update
10/16/2020 - Online CLE; Trademark Attorney Kevin Haynie: on Trademark Law for Non-Intellectual Property Attorneys
09/18/2020 - Online CLE; Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel: on "Changes and Reform from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office"
08/21/2020 - Online CLE; Attorney Marc Victor, The Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm, will speak on "A criminal defense attorney’s thoughts on defunding the police"
04/17/2020 - Online CLE; Matt Porter, Esq., with Epiq: "Social Media and Mobile Devices in eDiscovery"
02/21/2020 - Master Speaking Trainer Don McGrath, Ph.D.: "Pro Speaking Tips for Lawyers: How to Have Greater Influence with Your Spoken Words"
11/15/2019 - T.J. Ryan, an attorney with Frazer Ryan Goldberg & Arnold, LLP: on "The New Probate Rules"
10/18/2019 - Matt Porter, Esq.: "Information Governance and eDiscovery in Office 365"
09/20/2019 - Attorney Chas Wirken of Gust Rosenfeld P.L.C.: "Evaluating a Case for Possible Appeal"
08/16/2019 - The Hon. Lisa Vandenberg, Judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court: on Family Court Issues
05/24/2019 - Attorney Jim Bache: a Trust and Estate Law Update and What Every Non-Trust & Estate Lawyer Needs to Know
04/19/2019 - Monica Donaldson Stewart, Jennifer Moshier, Kristine Reich, Michelle Ogborne, Judy Morse, Dr. DJ Gaughan, and Heidi Quinlan: a panel discussion on "Collaborative Law and an Overview of ARFLP 67.1"
03/22/2019 - Attorney Stockton Banfield, a partner at Udall Shumway: on "Arizona LLC Laws Update"
02/15/2019 - Nancy Jauregui with Grand Canyon Financial Advisers: on 1031 Exchanges
01/18/2019 - Amena Kheshtchin-Kamel, J.D., and Attorney Chase Turrentine, of the Legal-Ease Podcast: "How to Launch a Legal-Themed Podcast, and Why"
11/16/2018 - Stan Silas, Community Legal Services Staff Attorney: "Overview of Arizona's Eviction Process -- Tenant's Perspective"
10/19/2018 - Stan Hammerman, Partner, and Tina Ziegler, Advanced Certified Paralegal, with Hammerman Hultgren, P.C.: on "Satisfaction of Judgment: Processing a Collection Case"
09/21/2018 - Beits Livneh, President of Legal Technology Solutions: on Security, Encryption, Passwords, Cloud, and VPN
08/17/2018 - Private Investigator Ron Hergert: on Benefits of an Investigator in Litigation
05/18/2018 - Nick Dranias, Senior Litigation Counsel, Office of the Arizona Attorney General: on Hawai’i Wildlife Fund v. Maui, a Clean Water Act case
03/16/2018 - Attorney Mark Lassiter: "The Promise and Pitfalls of Legal Mentoring"
11/17/2017 - Rick DeBruhl, Chief Communications Officer of the State Bar of Arizona: "Managing the Mission"
09/15/2017 - Attorney Melinda Sloma: "Succession Planning"
08/18/2017 - Mark Moritz, of counsel with Blake & Pulsifer, PLC: "Firearms in an Estate, Planning and Distribution"
03/17/2017 - KJ Kuchta of Forensics Consulting Solutions, LLC: "Unlocking the Powers of eDiscovery: Computer Forensics"
02/17/2017 - Lori A. Shipley, JD, CSSC, CMSS, with EPS Settlements Group, Inc.: “Benefits of Structured Settlements in resolving claims.”
09/16/2016 - Judge John Gemmill of the Arizona Court of Appeals: "Appellate Practice Tips -- Lessons From 15 Years On The Appellate Bench"
08/19/2016 - Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery: "The Truth Will Set You Free", a talk about criminal justice reform
05/20/2016 - Keith Miller, Assistant Solicitor General: on Arizona's Federalism Concerns with Recent EPA Rulemakings
02/19/2016 - Christina Sandefur, attorney and Vice President for Policy at the Goldwater Institute: "Property Rights in the Sharing Economy"
01/15/2016 - Ann A. Scott Timmer, Arizona Supreme Court Justice: "Current Issues in the Courts"
11/20/2015 - Judge Cecil Ash, Justice of the Peace of the North Mesa Justice Court: "Sentencing Reform"
09/18/2015 - Attorney Lynda Shely of The Shely Firm, PC: "A Year of Ethics Changes - How Do the Amendments Affect You?"
08/15/2014 - Mr. Michael Kielsky: "Photo Enforcement Basics, The Law and Procedure"
01/17/2014 - Justice Robert M. Brutinel: "What's Going on in the Courts"
10/21/2011 - Mr. Stephen P. Little: "Technology and Ethics"
08/19/2011 - Mr. Gary L. Stuart: "False Confessions And Lessons Of The Arizona Buddhist Temple Massacre In 1991"
05/20/2011 - Mr. Jesse Turner: "Understanding the Sovereign Citizen Movement"
04/15/2011 - Mr. Marc J. Victor: "Suppression of Drug Dog Detected Evidence: A Real World Ongoing Case"
03/18/2011 - Mr. Aaron M. Green: "Foreclosure Issues Legal Update"
01/21/2011 - The Hon. Judge Cohen and the Hon. Judge Gass: "Family Law View From the Bench"
Friday, 11/19/2021, 12:00 pm

Online CLE; Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick will present, "Vindicating the State Constitution".

Event Flyer -- 1 already registered -- Please RSVP to attend.

Friday, 1/21/2022, 12:00 pm

Online CLE; Attorney Flynn Carey will present on the new "Admin Law Specialist certification".

Event Flyer Please RSVP to attend.

Friday, 2/18/2022, 12:00 pm

Online CLE; Attorney Cynthia Bowkley will present an ethics CLE on a topic TBD.

Event Flyer Please RSVP to attend.

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